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What can you expect on these pages?

Welcome to this professional amateur website. I started to create this site because of a simple reason - I wanted to let the other people in the Czech Republic and all around the world know what I have been up to. I'm quite a traveller and therefore I would like to show all the places I have been to. The USA is my very frequent destination as my second family lives there. Not only travelling but also other freetime activities and everyday life is what I would like to show to the world. Besides creating web pages is my hobby but unfortunately I don't have enough time for it. English part of this website is a little bit neglected :o( but I'm trying to do my best. 

There are hundreds (may be even thousands) of pictures stored in my computer but the web space is limited. I'm trying to choose the best of the best. Bigger part of these pages is my first tryout and therefore the quality is not the best, but anyway it brings you at least some information in form of pictures. Time is something what I miss all the time and creating web pages requires a lot of time. Please be tolerant to missing english in most of these pages, I hope I will catch up a little. The greatest help for this website is my digital camera. I don't think the pages would exist without it. 

All right then. This introduction page will serve as a short overview only. By clicking on the links of different section you will mostly get to the czech version of the page. I will try to create a short english summary on those pages as well so that you know what it is about.  

What is Humlák?? 

Humlák is a hill we live at. It is a nick name of a part of our town. So if someone says Humlák, everybody knows. This nick name is also connected with the biggest all-day-long internet provider in Trutnov. It all begun when only a few coumputers were connected together and now there are more than 140 computers connected with a cable. We have the cheapest and fastest internet that is available. The central computer serves also as a server where these pages are located. We are very fortunate to have such an internet source. The other providers are 2 or 3 times more expensive and slower

Photos from our place - the Humlak Hill:

town square    Gablenz    church     all-inclusive photo


Pastviny - Summer Course of Faculty of Physical Education 02

Every student of the Faculty of Physical Education has to take part in the Pastviny summer course. We spent 10 days in beautiful nature near Pastviny dam. We didn't have much free time during this course but we managed  to catch up during the night time. We actually attended several courses within this big-one. We had 5 activities per day - cycling, orienteering, duathlon, games in nature, rope activities (we even had a small bungee jumping), camp activities, kayak, canoe etc. These pages contain around 140 pictures from all sorts of activities (even the night ones...). The night ones were probably the best from all the course.     

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  Sth. Is Still Going on

There is a willage party on the summer programme in Rudnik. Our cottage is ready to accomodate lots of people.  The following page serves for invited only. more (in czech only)


  Bye to Bball season 

Saying Bye to the old sport season took place during the first days of June 2002 (1. - 2. 6.) in Malé Svatoňovice. Cottage of my teammate Pláša survived a great event. We bought drinks and food from the fines we paid for latecoming, bets and unsporting conduct during the past season games. Surprising attendance was even higher than the ones of the practises and games. It also could be a little bit better. We closed the season at this place with a small tournament of netball played with ball kicked across, volleyball, table tennis and darts. We had a lot fun as you can see on the pictures. more (czech only)

  Beach Cup Rošičky 02

Tournament in beach volleyball that took place in May just behind our student hostel. There are 32 pictures from the tournament and other happenings by the volleyball courts. There was plenty of beer which disappeared sooner than anyone expected :o)).  more (czech only)

  Cross-country Skiing         in Krkonoše Mountains

We took beautiful cross-country skiing trips in Krkonoše Mountains with my friends (late March, early April 02). There were plenty of places to see as the lengths of the trips exceeded 20 km. Have a look at the pictures from both tours, they are really wonderful. The weather was too perfect and our faces were to say a little sunburnt. 

First tour from Pec pod Sněžkou to Sněžka, Výrovka a  Černá Hora to Jánské Lázně 

Second tour from Špindlerův Mlýn over Medvědín, Labská Chalet, Špindlerova Chalet and Luční Chalet to Pec pod Sněžkou.

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I bought new domains for better access to my pages - and It is probably going to be very useful in the future and domain should serve as a  better access for my friends from around the world; is already in use. It is much easier to get to these pages, isn't it? 



Have a look at first photos from my new camera -  digital camera Olympus C-700 with ultra zoom system. Pictures from this camera are very useful for creating web sites. This camera allows me to let you know about all sorts of events that I attend. The camera is easy to operate. I do not need to buy films, develope and scan pictures. The first pictures from the camera that are in this photogallery were taken during my last stay in the USA (09/02). There are plenty of planes and sth from NYC to be found here. Some pictures from NYC are history now... :o((( enter


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